How to Use a Plunger to Unclog a Sink, Drain or Toilet

After a long and hectic day, you get home to unravel and relax with a hot bath. But your drain is clogged! Don’t worry. Take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves and grab your plunger. Simply place your plunger over the drain and plunge away. 2-5 plunges should be adequate for a normal clog. For more details, please visit our page: #url

Leakage experts for assured results

Water leakage is much more consequential than damp and moldy walls. Water leakage and seepage result in deteriorated walls and structures. These pose a grave danger for the life of any property. You might have sought help of many local plumbers to resolve leakage repairs and these attempts might not have the desired results and can create a mount of expenses including renovations, pipe line replacement etc. At Saksham Plumbing, we are a team of leakage repair experts that identify the source of water leakage with non-invasive and non-damaging techniques to give you upto 80% of assured results. Once the leak is successfully detected, our leakage experts suggest the best and most affordable solutions to nip it in the bud. Now, you can finally bid adieu to all your water leakage woes.

Best Leakage Detection Services

Have you experienced mold growing on the walls or around the floors? Do you get low water pressure when turning on faucets or standing water around your building’s foundation? If yes and you are having trouble detecting the source of any water leakage, you can always count on Saksham Plumbing to resolve the issue in an effective and efficient manner. We are the best water leakage detection experts in Delhi. At Saksham Plumbing, we believe in using innovative methods and new technology to identify and repair any plumbing leakages. Whether it is an overhead tank or underground pipe, whether it is seepage from a cracks in a ceiling or drainage obstacle embedded in walls, you can count on us to deliver world-class services with minimum damage to your property. 

Water Leakage Detection by Plumbing Experts

Our customers know they can rely on us to deliver results with minimum damage to the property. We have a team of experienced professionals who are well versed with the ropes of the trade. We endeavor to deliver customer satisfactory services at reasonable prices and in minimum period of time. We value our relationships with customers, which is why most of our customers recommend us. Call us and book an appointment and in case of emergencies, we will rush to your aid. We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, providing services even the same day, where necessary. If you have a leaky pipe or flooding basement, don’t panic. We are only a phone call away. Now get your water leakage detection problems resolved.

Professional Water Leakage Detection Services

Detecting and identifying the source of water leakage damage is a very tricky task. Often we get hassled by local plumbers breaking and opening several parts of a wall or flooring in effort to find the source of the seepage. Since water always takes the path of least resistance, it leaves room for a lot of probabilities. For example, a water leakage in an upstairs bathroom or kitchen in a flat above yours might show signs of seepage in a wall along your living room leaving you confused. Alternatively, a leakage in the roof may lead to water traveling to the lowest point of the roof which may even be a hazardous light fixture or a damp corner near the wall. 

8 Signs of Water Leakage Trouble

It is important to detect and repair any water leak as soon as possible before it turns into a huge disaster. Here are some signs that will help you detect water leakage in your homes.
• Curling vinyl flooring or loose and raised tiles.
• Mould spots and peeling or flaking paint. Often comes with persistent mould.
• Water stains and damp paint on the ceiling or walls.
• Water seeping out of the base of the toilet.
• Unstable toilet seat or shaking/loose flange.
• Accumulated puddles, dampness or water tracks inside kind bathroom cabinets.
• Loose faucets and pipes.
• Deteriorating seal around the sink or toilet seat.

5 steps to find out if your home has any water leaks.

  1. Turn off all your water consuming appliances like washing machines, Ros, etc
  2. Close all the faucets and ask everyone in the home not to use water for roughly 30 minutes.
  3. Check your water meter and note the needle’s position on the dial at the beginning of the 30 minutes.
  4. Wait for 30 minutes. Make sure no one is using any water consuming appliances or the bathrooms.
  5. Check the water meter and take note of the needle’s position at the lapse of 30 minutes. If there is any change in the position at all, you may have a leakage.
    somewhere in your home that is not only inflating your bill and probably damaging your property.

Noise Around the water meter

When using any high flow application in the house – sprinklers, garden hose, etc. The water meter is ticking like crazy. The problem is that the meter is in the basement and you can hear the damn thing throughout the whole first floor. Is there a way to reduce or hopefully eliminate this noise?

No More Leakage

Water Leakage is a tricky problem which should be tackled by professionals. If not handled carefully, it not only damages the buildings’ walls and ceiling but also causes mold which can lead to serious health issues. Water leakage not only results in structural damage but also burns a hole in your pocket in the long run. Constant attempts to curb leakage, wasted water, renovations to repair the water damaged walls etc. all add to huge amounts in the end. The smart way is to let professionals take care of it for you. We at Saksham Plumbing specialize in leakage detection with minimal or no damage to the walls. Unlike any other service provider, we offer 80% assurance of leakage solution. Call us at 8130999054 to schedule an appointment or mail us at [email protected]

Dedicated To Leakage Detection

Seepage can be tricky and many times, often goes unresolved by even the most skilled plumbers. If there is even a small leakage it not only results in water wastage but also adds up to monthly water bills and results in rotting of walls. At Saksham Plumbing we employ a highly skilled and trained workforce that is experienced in detection leakages without breaking the walls, no matter how small. Say bye to unnecessary breakages to find the source of leakages and find an almost complete solution to all your seepage woes.
Call us at 8130999054 to schedule an appointment or mail us at [email protected].