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Why Saksham Plumbing

"Plumbing has been the nightmare for many building owners. Huge amount of money is spent on the civil construction and interior but just a tiny misplaced washer can spoil that very experience. Saksham was conceptualised not only to create a world class product but also to bring plumbing as a well respected mainstream trade, so that every building owner recognize that a ₹ well spent on plumbing is thousand times more important for the entire life of health of the building. This could be achieved by imparting good quality of training to the plumbers thus bringing much needed skill set and at the same time providing employment to the so many of needy people."
Saksham is a sanskrit word which means “competent”. We at saksham plumbing aim at providing expert plumbing solutions. Now, say goodbye to all your plumbing woes! We specialise in quality services and hassle free Plumbing System Installation, Plumbing System Repair and Plumbing System Maintenance. 
Very often we face plumbing issues that require innovative and exhaustive solutions, we bring to you engineers specialising in handling such situations. With services like Drain Blockage Removal, Leakage Identification, Leakage Repair and Basement Flooding, we provide complete plumbing assistance.


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